1. See below for availability. Note if you are viewing on a mobile device, you will need to email us.  


2. By making a booking at Petaluma, you agree to abide by the house rules.  These are set out at point 8 below.  


3.  An additional fee of 100 Euros a week is payable for each dog.


4.  A deposit of 20% is payable at the time of making your booking.  The final amount must be paid 2 months before your stay.


5.  Bond:  a bond of 300 Euros is payable; an additional bond of 300 Euros is payable for each dog.  Payment must be made 2 months before your stay.  Your bond will be returned to you within 3 weeks after your stay, provided the property is left in acceptable condition.


6.  We are able to stock the fridge for you on arrival.  If you are interested, contact details will be included in your confirmatory email..


7.  Payment by palpal.  If you prefer to pay directly into our account, please contact us on for details.


8.  On booking, you will receive a confirmatory email, with further information, such as how to get the keys sent to you following receipt of payment in full and your security bond.  We will also send you an information request, which will be needed from you 2 weeks before your arrival.


9.  Your booking can be cancelled up to 2 weeks prior to your stay.


10. We want you to have a wonderful relaxing stay at Petaluma, but we do have a few house rules as a condition of your stay to ensure that those coming after you can also have a great holiday.  

  • the house is no smoking throughout, as is the garage.  For those who wish to indulge, there are some under cover areas


  • up to 2 dogs are welcome, but subject to bond arrangements and conditions: dogs must be house trained and must not be left alone in the house.  Pick up dog poo from the garden.


  • on departure, please wash up, turn off radiators, empty the bins, strip the beds you have used, tidy away outside cushions and empty the fridge.  If you prefer that we do this for you, this is possible for a fee of 20 Euros


  • skis, snowboards and bikes should be kept in the storage areas in the garage.  Ski boots and bike shoes can damage the floors so please leave at the front door - in any event, we have underfloor heating, so you’ll get to enjoy the warmth underfoot without your shoes on!


  • go carefully with the wood-burning stove - it is super efficient and once going only needs one log at a time or you’ll find yourself in a tropical zone, particularly on the mezzanine!  There should be plenty of wood for your stay, but if more is needed, help yourself from the woodpile - a donation to the honesty box is welcomed!


  • please don’t use the fire pit in the height of summer when the grass might catch fire, and be careful when using the brazier


  • we have a septic tank at the house, so absolutely nothing down the toilet apart from loo paper please (and anything you have eaten)


  • do not touch the controls for the under-floor heating in the hallway cupboard, the snow-blower in the garage or the satellite and equipment in the main bedroom - this is finely tuned and runs both the TV and the wifi


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Petaluma, Plan de Lys, Vallée du Lys, Cazeaux de Larboust, 31110






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